Project 101 in 1001


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Below is my Project 101 in 1001 list. You can check this page anytime and see how my goals are coming along (I'll highlight the completed ones.) You can also read about each goal as it's completed by clicking on the completed goal's number (or to see all posts about this project, click the "Project 101 in 1001" Label to the left.)

What is Project 101 in 1001?, you may be wondering. Click here to find out!

Project 101 in 1001
Launch Date: March 10, 2010
End Date: December 5, 2012
Current Count: 59 goals completed, 42 to go (10 "in progress")

Personal Goals
1. Create a blog to chronicle Project 101 in 1001  
2. Blog a personal/life update once-a-month for six months
3. Take a sewing class 
4. Sew an article of clothing and wear it in public  
5. Take an exercise class  
6. Take a class about using coupons 
7. Use at least one coupon for every grocery purchase for four weeks
8. Learn how to use the espresso machine 
9. Learn to ski or snowboard 
10. Hike Fossil Creek 
11. Hike the trail in Gisela, AZ and float back down on the river 
12. Go to a rock gym or go climbing on actual rocks spelunking 
13. Do the “Daniel Diet” – eat only fruits, vegetables and water for 10 days 

14. Make dinner two nights a week for one month
15. Try a new recipe once a week for one month
16. Read ten books off of the BBC’s Top 100 Books list  
17. Watch ten movies off of the AFI’s list of 100 Top Movies
18. Attend five plays, musicals, or symphonies  
19. Attend a show at Ethington Theatre (the theatre at my alma mater) when it re-opens 
20. Act in a play 
21. Attend an Art Walk in downtown Scottsdale and dress to the nine 
22. Clean/organize the guestroom closet 
23. Clean/organize the bedroom closet 
24. Organize and pack costumes and old clothes at mom and dad’s house 
25. Before my annual dentist appointment - floss every night for 30 days  
26. Do a ten-day “Media Fast” – no TV, movies or non-work-related internet use 
27. Scrapbook three pages a week for six weeks 
28. Finish the photo album from our honeymoon 
29. Build/maintain a garden on our back porch 
30. Get up at 6:00am every weekday for two weeks and have breakfast/devotionals on the back porch 
31. Pack a lunch for work every day for three weeks 
32. Get a professional massage  
33. Get a pedicure on the first day of summer 
34. For Christmas one year, hand-make all gifts 
35. Start a recycle bin at home 
36. Find a ministry to serve in (see goals 60-62) 
37. Read the Bible once a day, every day, for 30 days 
38. Memorize ten passages of scripture (0/10) 
39. Read Calm My Anxious Heart 
40. Grow hair out

Relational Goals
41. Have friends over for dinner four times, over the course of two months
42. Go sailing with Lynn and Bob
43. Have a weekly date night with Devin for at least 6 months
44. Go on 20 of the dates listed in the books Dates on a Dime  and Coffee Dates for Couples (14/20)
45. Watch the marriage series Love and Respect with Devin or with a small group
46. Host a “How to Host a Murder” dinner party
47. Have a Back to the Future party with friends and watch all three movies in one day
48. Baby-sit Joshua (my nephew) at least ten times (7/10)
49. Organize a game of laser tag with friends
50. Take swing dancing lessons with Devin
51. Send Jordan, Julia and Katie (my youngest siblings) a card for every major card-selling holiday in 2011
52. Make a real friend at church (not just an acquaintance)

Financial Goals
53Attend a class on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with Devin
54Live six months radically frugal
55. Tithe 10% of income every month
56. By the end of 1001 days, have enough saved for the down payment on a house.

Others-Focused Goals
57. Write my Compassion sponsor children once-a-month for a year
58. Write a thank you letter to five people who have made a difference in my life
59. Send hand-written notes of encouragement to eight friends/family members
60. Volunteer at an local orphanage or foster home center
61. Volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center
62. Locate a local theatre ministry and attend a production
63. Go on a mission trip with Devin
64. Give up buying coffee for four weeks and give the money I save to Mocha Club. (This will  provide approximately fourteen Africans with clean water for one year!)
65. For my birthday one year, ask for cash and donate it to House of James Orphanage
66. Serve breakfast to the homeless
67. Join the Peace Feast Project and eat at five different Middle Eastern restaurants(1/5)
68. Organize a food, toy or diaper drive for a charity at Christmas time
69. With Devin, donate bridal session to an underprivileged couple
70. With Devin, donate a portrait session to family in need
71. With Devin, donate family portraits to the families staying at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital
72. Find a ministry that needs graphic design an donate 20 hours of services

Business  Goals
73. Make  enough beaded crosses to sell at Easter and Christmas
74. Learn to make jewelry
75. Have a jewelry party
76. Sell my own work at a craft show
77. Learn to draw caricatures
78. Start doing Lady Jennifer shows again
79. Attend the Phoenix Wedding Expo with Devin to gather ideas for design and photography
80. Create samples of invitations, announcements and cards
81. Launch invitation-designing side of business
82. Design something new, for fun, every week for eight weeks
83. Read the book Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines 
84. Create freelance design website
85. Launch freelance design business
86. Create/print promotional materials for freelance design business
87. Attend a Creative Connect
88. Enter a design competition
89. Have Devin teach me more about photography- specifically composition and lighting
90. Create a “look-book” of photography ideas/inspiration
91. Shoot at least five weddings with Devin
92. Work from home full-time

Travel  Goals
93. Visit Compassion sponsor girls in Uganda
94. Visit  New England in the fall
95. Take a “flip a coin” road trip with Devin
96Take a trip to South Carolina to visit Stephanie, Daniel and Mia
97. Go camping in  Yosemite National Park  (my favorite camping spot)
98. Go camping in Woods Canyon Lake (Devin’s favorite camping spot)
99.  Stay at a bed-and-breakfast as a weekend get-away with Devin
100. Take a “Girls Trip” with girl friends
101. Plan a  surprise get-away with/for Devin


  1. I highly recommend the Love & Respect series you've got down for #45. Amy and I read the book as part of our pre-marital counseling. If you don't already have it, we've got the book and the audio CDs. You are welcome to borrow them.

  2. I am totally impressed that you made this list! I'm reading this just after you had your twins, so double grace to you completing it!

  3. For reals. Im super impressed with this list and how much you have accomplished.

  4. I found your blog through a friend. First thing that impresses me is that you HAVE goals. I really need to sit down and set goals also so I don't continue aimlessly through each day! I also have twins, and two other children. All are teens. I loved and miss my years at home with them. May the Lord bless you as you continue on your journey and do THE most important job ever....being a godly wife and Mom!


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