Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goal #54- COMPLETE

Goal #54: Live six months radically frugal

Well, we survived and thrived during our challenge of living six months radically frugal. The final month was rough, as we were completely down to one income. We very nearly spent more than we earned - which is completely against the rules in our household (and something that has never once happened the entire time we've been married). I'll be watching this month's budget like a hawk to make sure we don't risk this happening again. Despite being down to one income, all of our needs have been met and I am so grateful for how God prepared us for this.

During this goal, I learned a ton about how to find great deals and how to make our money stretch. I never got around to the whole coupon-ing thing... but its on The List, so I'll have to do it sometime or another. 

So now that we have completed our six-month goal will we go back to living a little less frugal (because honestly, we were already pretty frugal to begin with)? Nope! Absolutely not. We are going to continue to live just as frugally (if not more-so). Even if our current financial circumstances didn't mandate frugality, we would still want to live this way because out of all the things I learned while living radically frugal, this lesson was my most treasured:

Living frugally allows me to give more generously. 

And that is something I never want to change.


  1. Live simply so that others may simply live.

  2. Your frugal living has been very, very inspiring to me, and actually, I think God really used you to help prepare me for being unemployed, which I am, as of 5 PM yesterday. Woohoo!

    Reading your blog the last few months had me itching to save and challenge myself a little more in the area of spending (though I'm not like a huge spender normally), and because of that, I have a safety net while I look for a new job. I know that's not a coincidence.

    Thanks!!!! :)


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