Friday, October 22, 2010

Joy-FULL Update!

I wrote a rather passionate blog post a couple months ago how we should respond when we hear about and see the suffering of the poor in this world.

Remember this little guy? 

How could you forget, right?

Well, I just read some amazing, awesome, God-is-SO-great news. In His great mercy, and through the work of Serving His Children, God flat out saved the life of this little one. This is that same little boy today:

Can you believe that?? Absolute miracle. Little Katoya is happy and healthy and ready go home to be with his family again. A child that should have died - would have died- without the intervention of a compassionate God and His compassionate servants is alive and thriving and I just couldn't help but share this joyful news.

Death by starvation is preventable - but we all must join together to help make a difference. Click here to read more about the work of Serving His Children and how you can help .

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