Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Goal #98: Camping in Woods Canyon

Goal #98- Go camping in Woods Canyon Lake (Devin’s favorite camping spot)

I have to be honest, we have been camping in Woods Canyon once before:

It was the end of November. The high was 33 degrees. There was snow. We had frostbitten fingertips. It was brutal. It is an irreplaceable, crazy-newly-weds memory that I love telling the story of, but its also a trip that neither of us care to ever repeat. Ever.

That said, I wanted to experience Devin's childhood camping ground in all it's true glory. Without the snow and below-freezing temperatures. 

This was also a momentous trip because it was the first Robison/Hanson family vacation. My parents and Devin's parents were there, along with my three youngest siblings and Devin's brother, sister-in-law and nephew. I am pleased to report that it went swimmingly and our families get along together great. We are already looking at dates for next summer.

We camped for three nights, four days, had no showers and made for quite the motley crew in our little five tent village. We hiked, made SMORES, played card games late into the night and fished (Well, some fished. I was quite content to sit by the lake a read). Devin and Jordan (my youngest brother) even went hunting for craw fish. Which they then boiled and ate. It was disgusting. I was so grossed out by it that I couldn't bear to let Devin kiss me until he had brushed his teeth. I know. I'm a horrible wife.

My favorite memory from the trip however was this: At one point (I don't even remember why), I said the word "Mama" in a sing-songy Queen (the band)-like voice. Without missing a beat, my dad starting singing Bohemian Rhapsody. He was quickly joined by my husband. They were standing on either side of me singing into my ears. They were in perfect tandem. Every lyric was flawless. It was... surreal. I guess it’s true what they say about girls marrying guys that are like their dads...


  1. I want to say fun, but the idea of not showering for 4 days makes me sick to my stomach. So, sans that shower part....FUN!!!!! I wish John's and my parents got along. You are truly blessed that everyone loves everyone!

  2. @John and Sarah: Technically, I did shower the morning we left and the night we got back... so it wasn't entirely four whole days without a shower. ;-) But we were living in the dirt, so we were very, very yucky.


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