Monday, June 14, 2010

A More Managable Temperature

Well, I think my earlier post helped cure me of baby fever. But you know what's weird? While the baby fever of actually giving birth to my own child has settled down, my desire to adopt a little one in need is probably even stronger now. Interesting. Definitely praying about the timing of that one. (By the way, I will not be surprised at all if Marla comes home from her trip to Cambodia with an addition to the family... I'm just sayin'... I think it would be awesome to have a little Cambodian cousin).

(Sorry Marla!)

During my baby-fever-freak-out, I found this list (and we all know how much I love lists) of "20 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant" and I must say, it was a crucial part of bringing down my temperature. I have added my own comments in parenthesis.

1) Go off the pill 
2) Cut back on partying (ummm... I think can handle this one)
3) Limit caffeine (Do you have any idea how many things have caffeine in them???)
4) Get in shape (I'm too lazy)
5) Go to the movies (because you'll be too tired to stay awake for 2 hours and too bloated to sit for that long, not to mention unable to hold your pee for that length of time)
6) Save a nest egg (makes "cents"... har har. Wow, that was not funny in any way. My apologies.)
7) Pop a prenatal supplement
8) Stock up on sleep (yeah right)
9) Find your sure-fire stress remedy (does that exist?)
10) Takes lots of life-before-baby pictures (because your life will be over in 9 months)
11) Make a restaurant checklist (because you will not be able to bring your squalling infant into these "it" places)
12) Deal with where you want to live (because moving with a baby or while 8 months pregnant is not fun)
13) Deal with your job (I'd like to deal wi--- Ahem.  Never mind.)
14) Ask your mom about her pregnancy (sounds good, but I don't want to get her hopes up too soon! ;-)
15) Pay your doc a visit (that involves a co-pay)
16) Don't forget the dentist (please refer to #15)
17) Book a girlfriend getaway and travel, travel, travel (HECK YES!!)
18) Go back to your roots (aka- stop dying your hair, you won't have time for the upkeep once baby arrives)
19) Stop buying clothes (because soon you will be too fat to fit into them)
20) Have a parenting talk with your husband (popping a hole in the condom without his knowledge is unacceptable)

Baby-fever: Cured.

For now...


  1. Unfortunately, you can't adopt kiddos in Cambodia right now. The evil folks who were selling babies illegally (so, so sad) ruined it for everyone with noble ambitions. :(

  2. Oh my! I didn't realize that was going on over there. That is terrible! :-( Thanks for the eye-opener.

  3. "Dont poke a hole in the condom" You are a funny lady. ADOPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am pro adoption. We can have a bunch of little adopted babies running around together. Also there are tons and tons of christian organizations out there that help pay for the adoptions.


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