Tuesday, June 8, 2010

San Diego Family Trip

We recently took a trip to San Diego with my side of the family. Here are just a few of my favorite images (some that I took with my point and shoot and others that Devin took with his Nikon)

Day One: Touring the Beaches
Devin enjoying shooting at the beach.

Devin and I.

 My younger brother David with his girlfriend Bre (she's a keeper for sure.)

Wave running.

Day Two: Sea World!
The "one and only" Shamu (Devin took this awesome shot!)

Enjoying Sea World with my little sister Katie.
David with Bre, Katie and Julie at Sea World

 My little sister Julia watching the seals. They were so funny: begging and howling for food just like a pack of dogs. There was one that would even put up his fin and waved to try and get fish. Those are some smart animals who know how to play a crowd of tourist.

The whole family at Sea World

Devin and I at the Tide Pool

Day Three: Coronado Island and Seaport Village

The gang enjoying Coronado Island (we also looked around the 1880s era Hotel del Coronado and um, WOW!)

Devin and I - classically romantic (except that the people in the original photograph where complete strangers).

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