Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goal #2 - Life Updates: June

Um.... I'm not entirely sure what happened to the month of June. How am I already writing an update for it? Goodness sakes! My life is going by too fast.

To illustrated the fact that 1) I can't seem to remember much of June and 2) Life is zooming by, I present to you -  a bullet-point update for the Month O' June:

• My favorite part of this month was hands down the camping trip Devin and I took with our families

• My least-favorite part was that when we went to re-signed our lease and our rent went up :-(

• I found out another friend is pregnant - cue the baby fever (again)

• Two days later, I baby-sat for my nephew Joshua - baby fever cured (though I totally had a great time)

• I assisted Devin on a family photo shoot - Jackie and his son Chris were so much fun!

 (hmmmm... um... accessing the Palm Pilot in order to remember my life...)

• I had the pleasure of designing a t-shirt for Valley Christian H.S. that I like enough to actually wear:

• Progress on Project 101 is coming along nicely. To date, I've completed six goals and have twenty currently in-progress (some of them will be taking a loooong time still to complete).

Living Frugally is going well. Looking at our budget, the percentages of what we make, verses what we spend, are making me feel good about staying home someday. 

That's all I've got folks. Have a great day!

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  1. YAY! Sounds like a great month. Keep this blogging up. Gives me something to do at work when Im not saving babies:)....<-Im going to get struck by lightening for saying that.


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