Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goal #44 - Dates with Devin (5 and 6 of 20)

Rent a movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show! - Dates on a Dime

Movie: Leap Year with Amy Adams, who I have always found completely and utterly adorable ever since I first saw her in The Office. She permanently endeared herself to me in Enchanted. (If you haven't seen it yet and love Disney and trivia, you must see this movie! It is full of hundreds of Disney references and is one of the most charming films I've seen in a whole long while.) But we didn't watch Enchanted. We watched Leap Year. Which was amusing, but not great. Amy Adams was as cute as ever, but didn't fit the role very well, in my opinion.

Popcorn: Apparently, placing a popcorn bag (which, of course, contains hot oil) atop a plastic, microwavable plate cover isn't a good idea. Be aghast by the destruction...

(The popcorn survived unscathed by the way... that is of course, until I ate all of it... by myself... because Devin doesn't like popcorn. Yes, it was a full bag. Don't judge me.)

And in other news....

Last night we ate dinner at home, then went to Barnes & Nobel for some coffee, photography book lookin' and a little bit o' public kissin'.

"Cuddle up in the corner of your library [or bookstore] with an art book or short story that interests both of you.  Choose a color, image or word and kiss each time you run across it." - Dates on a Dime (we added grabbing lattes to this date, but if you want a fun-n-free date, just skip the coffee)

We looked through three different photography books (oh wow where there some incredible images) and kissed at the color orange, any light above the horizon, and any sort of headgear (scarf, hats, helmets, etc.) There was a lot of kissing going on (don't worry, we kept it Disney-rated).

We were completely ridiculous and giggled after each kiss. Had I seen a couple doing what we were doing, I probably would have rolled my eyes or gagged. Devin was sightly mortified I think. I thought it was fun and would highly recommend it. Perhaps though, try to find a more secluded area. We were rather conspicuous and probably did, in fact, make a few people gag.

Photo from Interesno.


  1. We have Wednesday date nights. I just read this post and fully intend to re-create the bookstore date tomorrow =)


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