Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goal #89 & #91 - Learning more about photography

Goal #89: Have Devin teach me more about photography- specifically composition and lighting. 

Technically (at least according to my resume), I know quite a bit about photography. Compared to my professional photographer of a husband however, I know next to nothing. One of our goals as a couple is to run our own photography business full time and if I was going to be any help at all, I had a lot left to learn. Devin as been a very sweet, patient instructor - teaching me more about lighting, composition and editing.

Goal #91: Shoot at least five weddings with Devin (1 of 5)

I was able to put some of my newly honed techniques into practice two weeks ago when we had the pleasure of photographing Forest and Amanda's wedding. This couple was so relaxed and we had a great time capturing their big day. Below are just a few of my favorite shots (the first three are Devin's, the last three are mine.) You can see more of our images from this shoot by visiting Devin's blog

Forest and Amanda were so adorable during their First Look. They were just so happy and they couldn't stop hugging and giggling. 

This couple really knew how to have fun together.

Forest and Amanda recruited their dog Princess to fulfill the coveted role of ring bearer.

Congratulations Forest and Amanda! We had such a great time sharing in your special day. God bless you on this new adventure as you serve Him together!



  1. You inspire me to accomplish things with my life. Mmmm, I have that delicious feeling of inspiration after reading this blog. I'm off to write a list of goals. Great shots from both of you!

  2. Great pictures! Glad you were at my wedding or I would only have crappy pictures.


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