Friday, June 11, 2010

Goal # 44 - Dates with Devin (4 of 20)

 Treat yourselves to an ice cream sundae. Consider sharing one.
- Dates on a Dime

We had a scheme. It would be brilliant. It would be frugal. It would bring me one step closer to checking Goal #44 off The List. It did not work exactly (at all) like we planned.

The plan was to get two desserts, but only pay for one (using a buy-one-get-one-free coupon) and thus still be (for all monetarily purposes) "sharing" one. We decided on Bahama Buck's Shaved Ice... which I wasn't super thrilled with because I don't like paying for ice and syrup. But moving on... the chick at the counter refused give us the correct, aforementioned buy-one-get-one-free dessert. My better, more sensitive to the feelings of others half refused to argue with her for a mere $2.60, so we essentially still paid for two desserts. Neither of them were ice cream sundaes.  However, my dessert was a smoothie (which had strawberries and ice cream in it) so I submit that it still counts.

After the over-priced ice (and my bad attitude about the lost $2.60) was finished, we very much enjoyed the rest of our date night. Lesson learned? When one is PMSing, one should never accost a restaurant worker over $2.60. One should let ones husband, whose judgment is not being afflicted by PMS, handle the situation. Also, is $2.60 really worth completely ruining someone's night by yelling at them? Answer: No.

I'm so thankful my husband has such an others-centered outlook. I need to learn from him. But maybe on a day that my hormones aren't completely deranged.

Wow. I bet you thought you were going to read a cute post about a date night and some ice cream. Boy did you get more than you bargained for!

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  1. I had no idea that you had a blog until last week. And now I am obsessed with it. And I read back posts for fun. And I'm stalking you.


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