Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goal #26 COMPLETE: Media Fast

More progress on my Project 101 in 1001 list. Read about my journey here. 

Goal #26: Do a ten-day “Media Fast” – no TV, movies or non-work-related internet use. COMPLETE 

Um. That was rough. Way harder than it should have been. It definitely offered confirming (condemning??) evidence that I was way too addict to my media outlets (the internet specifically... facebook more accurately).

Ten days without TV - not too bad since we don't even have our television hooked into anything but the DVD player and the only "TV" I watch are two shows online (Up All Night and Grimm in case you were curious). Ten days with out movies - not too bad as I was busy finishing up my last week at work and was exhausted/not up for staying up late for a movie. Ten days without email, google, blogging or ::gulp:: facebook. The facebook fast nearly did me in - I was twitching by the second day and caught myself craning my neck to catch a visual whiff of Devin's page whenever he was on. Pathetic. 

Yes. I am a compulsive facebook checker. It's a problem and I'm dealing with it. 

So, ten-days without media was - while hard, inconvenient and irritating at times - a real eye opener to how much time I completely waste on media (especially online stuff). Without it in my life for ten days, I suddenly had time to read (working on Organized Simplicity and The Simplicity Primer at the moment), talk with Devin, play on the floor with my babies and keep the apartment (semi) tidy. It was actually really great. I also was able to get a little more sleep... which ::grimace:: I am not getting by staying up to write this blog... and to check facebook... and to catch up on emails... I haven't even begun catching up on reading my favorite blogs...

Hmmm... It might be a little counter-productive (or hypocritical perhaps?) to try and smoosh ten-days worth of missed media into tonight. Okay... I am ripping myself from the computer and going bed. Just like a BandAid - quick, painless and immediate... just as soon as I check facebook one last time.

Dang it. 


  1. I think I only posted 2-3 times in the past 10 days, and I doubt that I said anything too earth-shattering, so feel free to skip my blog. You're welcome. :) And welcome back. :)

  2. I do that every year for lent (I think). It's amazing that every single year, I feel that the internet (and especially facebook) so emotionally monopolizes me and takes me away from what is important (Jesus and my family). Wow, even this confession is giving me a reality check. ;) Anyway, hooray for you! I know you'll be able to find a better balance than I seem to be able to. (haha)


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