Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project 101 in 1001: The Beginning

Here are some things you should know about me:

One: I don’t like to fail. I mean I really don’t like to fail. Often times I will not even try to do something if I think I might fail at it (which I suppose is a form of failure also.) I think it comes from my firstborn-Type-A-always-do-your-best mentality. Sometimes this personality trait benefits me and prods me to success. Often times however, it is my downfall and has probably kept me from some pretty great things.

Two: I don’t like to let people down. It stems back to the “fear of failure” thing. If I told someone I’ll do something – I do it.

Three: I’m in a major life-rut and I need to make some changes.

What kind of changes? You may be wondering.

Why, I'm so glad you asked!

I want to write a better story with my life. Because right now, it’s not exactly a page-turner. I want to be a better wife, a better friend, a better person. Someone whose life has direction and purpose and brings glory to God. The Lord has given me this life for a reason and I can't continue to sit idle while it passes me by.

Thus, when I heard about the idea of "101 Goals in 1001 Days", I thought it sounded like the perfect catalyst for me to start making some changes in my life. How it works is this: Build a list of 101 goals and make an action plan of how to accomplish those goals in 1001 day (just under 3 years).

But in order to follow through with that many goals, I was going to have to tell someone about it, a lot of someones. That’s why this blog came about. As I complete each goal, I’ll write about it. You see, if I’ve told people about the changes I’m striving for and that I have a blog about it, I'm accountable to do something about it (please refer back to item two: I don’t like to let people down).

I hope you’ll follow me on this “Project 101 in 1001” journey of mine. Some of the goals are serious, some are fun, some are focused inwardly, while others are focused outwardly. One way or another, I think this process will be fun, challenging and that at the end of it I’ll have a better life-story to write.

Q4U- What are a few goals you'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days?

Next post: My List.


  1. Go, Jen! It's ironic that I was just thinking about how I'd like to make a list of goals to reach by the time I'm 30. I suppose a good place to start would be your 101 in 1001 idea. My first idea is that I would love to become an educated chef and use those skills to live life with other people. Hmmm, maybe my next goal should be to update my own blog more frequently. I'll be following yours closely!

  2. If you want more info about this kind of project, you can just search in google "101 in 1001". You'll get all sorts of information and helpful hints!

  3. This is great Jen! I will definitely be one of your most loyal readers! I can't wait to see what you do and get some ideas for myself! I think a lot of people will be inspired your blog journey, I'm sure I will be one of them. You go girl!!!

    And I hope the next time you and Devin come to Tucson we will be able to meet up and at least do lunch!

    Love you always,

  4. Your post brought to mind the many, many projects you set out to do as a child and young lady...and accomplished. I have no doubt you'll accomplish much not only with this list, but with your life.

  5. Wahoo!!! Welcome aboard the 101 in 1001 train! Can't wait to read all about it :-)

  6. have a blog!! understand and identify with your first-child tendencies!! Mark just calls me bossy, but I know the truth...all about birth order;)

  7. @Little Lamb - It really is amazing how much birth order affects personality and tendencies. Being married to a last-born myself, I am learning all about those differences first hand ;-)

  8. Sounds like someone's been reading A Million Miles... :) What a great idea, Jen! I'll be here to cheer you on!!

  9. @Marla Taviano - sure have! It is such a great, inspiring book. I love Don Miller's stuff.

  10. This is inspiring Jen! I'm encouraged mostly by your attitude towards it - and your reasons behind it. Can't wait to read more.

  11. Did you read my journal?! Seriously, everything you wrote is ME! ... and I LOVE this idea, even though it scares me. (radically!) I'm following you now ... and mulling over the possibility of joining you on the 101 as we take the Radical journey together too! So glad to meet you here in bloggy land!

    ps...thanks for stopping over!


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