Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafty Notions: Beaded Crosses

Handmade Beaded Crosses: Crosses measure 3 1/2" tall and come in a variety of styles and colors (see below).

Price: Price: $30.00 each (includes gift box and shipping to U.S. addresses). Order five crosses and receive a discounted price of $25.00 each (includes gift box and shipping to U.S. addresses).  E-mail me with your order (payments can be made through PayPal).

Crafty Notions Beaded Crosses:

 Desert Sunset
(shades of purple with gold and orange accents)

 Pretty in Pearls
(shades of pink with pearl accents)

Sands on the Shore
(shades of blue and teal with brown stone accents)

 The Dark Before the Dawn
(shades of gray, black and navy)

 Pearls of the Sea
(shade of aqua blue with pearl accents)

 We're All in This Together

*Please note: Because they are handmade, the pattern of beading will vary slightly on each cross.
** All crosses are custom-created after orders are placed, please allow 4-5 weeks for processing (6-7 weeks for orders over five crosses).

photography by Devin Hanson Photography


  1. I love your crosses. Friends I gave them to at Christmas LOVED them.

  2. I treasure the beaded cross you gave to me (your grandmother) the night before your wedding. Your artistic talents are evident in these lovely keepsake pieces of art.

  3. These are beautiful! I found them on Marla's site, and I just had to tell you that they are wonderful!

  4. Sand's on the shore is BEAUTIFUL! I love hand beaded anything and this is stunning!!

  5. these are really really pretty! Love your color combos.

  6. Gorgeous, Jen! Very nice work!

  7. Wow. Spectacular. The texture of them is amazing. Here from Marla's blog. Happy Easter.

  8. Just lovely. I'll come back to order when I get paid!

  9. These are absolutely lovely and I love all of the different color variations!!

  10. These are very beautiful. My favorite is Desert Sunset.
    You are very talented, ---Becky your mom's neighbor


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