Saturday, March 20, 2010

Goal #73 in Progress: Beaded Crosses

While I wouldn't say that I am ready to cross off Goal #73, I am making progress. I spent most of today making some gorgeous (if I do say so myself) beaded crosses. Aaaaaa.... creating just for the fun of it -  one of my favorite ways to relax. It was wondrous. My fingertips are poked raw thanks to what seemed like miles of copper wire and my back is aching after hovering over my craft for hours, but still I maintain that this day of creating was glorious

So without further ado, here are some of results from today's relaxing toil:

(Photo courtesy of my wonderful husband)

Originally, I had made crosses like these to adorn all the bouquets at my wedding:

And as "Thank You" gifts for all those wonderful folks who made our Big Day day flow smoothly:

I also decorated our Christmas tree with a few and they were a lovely reminder of the "reason for the season."

Goal #73 is to sell these crosses at Easter and Christmas time. And wouldn't you know, it just happens to be Easter time! So, to end the suspense - yes, you can purchase these beautiful crosses

Q4U- What activity relaxes you the most?

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  1. What relaxes me the most right now? Taking a nap. But maybe that's because I haven't gotten more than four hours of sleep at one time in almost two months. :)

    But normally, I'd say either just sitting in quiet and thinking or organizing/ cleaning out a closet or box or area of my house.

    Those new crosses are beautiful! But I especially love the purple one like mine from my bouquet. It's so pretty!


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