Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something to remember when you're 80

I saw this print ad the other day and thought it went really well with my Project 101 in 1001 journey.

Q4U- What is something you've done in your life that you're likely to remember when you're 80? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Wanting to feel satisfied with my life when I'm 80 is one of the reasons I want to stay at home with my kids. Will I look back and be glad I worked so much or remember all the priceless memories of afternoons with my little ones? Watching it rain, making up games to play, taking naps together, cuddling on the couch, etc.

  2. Just before reading your blog I read a FB post from a friend of mine - Barb - whose dad is turning 80 this weekend. Great guy. Knowing how his four kids, I'm sure he looks back with satisfaction.

    For me, one of the moments I'll alway cherish is singing to my daughter and dancing with her at her wedding reception.

  3. Going to 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks with my hubby and girls.


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