Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goal #72: Designing for a Cause

Goal #72: Find a ministry that needs graphic design and donate 20 hours of service. COMPLETE 

(2002 - The Original Drama Team,
aka "The Great Eight" with our director Aimee)
(2005 - Abstinence takes on Hollywood
at the Abstinence Clearinghouse)
(2006 - BreakDown American with BreakDown Uganda)
When I was in college, I worked with an incredible group called BreakDown: a peer-to-peer youth outreach ministry that presents the message of abstinence through drama, hip-hop dance and motivational speaking. Their mission statement is, "Breaking down society's lies about sex, love and relationships." It is a seriously cool organization and my life was hugely impacted through my involvement.

During my time with BreakDown, I was privileged to be on the original drama team (2002), direct the first expansion team in Phoenix (2004), attend the Abstinence Clearinghouse in Hollywood where BreakDown was launched nationally (2005), and travel to Uganda, Africa (my first trip) to help establish the first international team (2006).

(I was recently interviewed for a BreakDown promotional video and spoke about the impact that being a part of BreakDown had on my life. You can see my portion of the video here.)

Needless to say, through my involvement has been small in the past couple of years, I am still very passionate about this ministry. When BreakDown's founder and director Aimee Dobbins (a close friend and mentor of mine) asked if I would be willing to complete Goal #72 by designing a logo for the newly launched BreakDown International - I was thrilled to comply.

The new tagline for the international branch of BreakDown is "Catch the Fire, Carry the Flame" - a motivational reminder to teams worldwide to boldly carry the message of true sexual freedom (sex without regrets) to their peers. With this in mind, Aimee wanted to see a torch worked into the logo and stationary materials.

After many moons (okay, twenty-hours worth) of designs, re-designs, tweaks and changes, I was able to develop a logo that stayed true to the original BreakDown brand, while bringing into the design the new mission of the international branch. I also provided BreakDown International with an "emblem" version of their logo to be used on stickers, hats, embroideries, etc. Lastly, I created a new letterhead for them. Here are the results:


  1. So, of course I LOVE THIS! I'm proud to show all our new materials, you did such an amazing job! And the video was great too, thanks AGAIN Jen!!! YOU rock!

  2. Wow! You are really talented girl!


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