Monday, May 16, 2011

Praise Report: Hubby's Bringin' Home the Bacon!

After nine long, discouraging (but at the same time faith-producing) months of unemployment (with the exception of working 10-15 hours at Sozo Coffeehouse for the past month), Devin landed a second part-time job working with FedEx! He starts tomorrow at 3:30AM. 

Minus the 3:30AM part, and the not-so-great vacation/sick time off (four days total for the whole year) this job is a perfect (for now) blessing from Heaven. Because of the early hours (3:30am-8:00am), we will still be able to survive as a one-car-family. Devin will be able to work part-time at FedEx, keep his part-time job at Sozo (which he loves) and still have the flexibility to pursue his passion of running his own photography business. The FedEx job has decent starting pay and Praise the Sweet Lord Jesus - has health benefits!! The cost of which (for our whole soon-to-be family of four) is about 1/3 the cost of my job's current health care plan (which covers me only). This lifts an incredible burden from my shoulders as, until this FedEx job arrived, I would have needed to continue working full-time after the babies came in order to keep my benefits and provide the Twins with health care as well. I have no definite (or even half-baked) plans in regards to my job as of yet, but it is nice to know that we could survive without my benefits and without a portion of my income if I decided to cut back my hours.

We are so grateful for the way that God provided for our every need during this time of Devin's unemployment and for His timing in bringing this new job before the Twin's arrival (Devin should qualify for benefits about a month before the babies come). The past nine months have been a journey of faith and frugality that, while not the way we would have planned it, has brought with it lessons that we will continue to apply to our lives and that of our little growing family. 

As for me specifically, I am so thankful to have such a hard-working husband who is willing to get up so early and lift heavy boxes at a not-so-glamorous job in order to provide for his (rapidly growing) family. I got me a good man. 

Thank you to all of you who lifted up many a prayer for us on this account. We appreciate this interception so very much. Continue to say a prayer for us now-and-then as we adjust to this new schedule and the creative carpooling that will make it possible.


  1. So excited for you guys! God is good.

  2. What an encouragement to read about your experiences in these first years of marriage and your commitment to honoring God in all of this!


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