Monday, July 5, 2010

Haunted by an Eco-centric Brother-in-Law

Goal #35 - Start a recycle bin at home

There really isn't a good excuse for not having a recycling bin. Especially now that our complex has added some semi-convenient recycling dumpers near our apartment. But it was a nightmare in which my brother-in-law Derek starred as a recycling-Nazi that got me to actually establish a recycling bin at home.

Derek, I discovered last night while hanging out for July Forth, will dig through the trash after a party and collect all of the red plastic cups in order to recycle them. I had no idea he was this dedicated and all of us wanted to know why on earth he didn't just put out the recycling bin and ask guests to throw away their cups in this more eco-friendly receptacle. He smiled sheepishly, but gave no reasonable answer.

It was the above disclosure that spurred the dream in which Derek made me dig through three large bags of trash, while harshly criticizing me on my lack of recycling knowledge and making me separate the garbage into four categories of recyclable refuse. None of his methods made sense outside of the dream, so I will not be looking to this aspiration of my brother-in-law for recycling how-to. But... I did just remember that I tossed a milk jug into the trash yesterday... I better go dig that one out before I'm haunted again by the eco-Nazi.  

* I adore my brother-in-law and the harsh eco-Nazi in my dream is not a reflection of his actual character. ;-)


  1. So now you have eco-types on both sides of the fam. Mom and the kids just hauled out a huge pile of all things recyclable to take to the recycle center; cardboard, plastic, cans, etc. Our veggie waste gets split between natural recyclers: her chickens and our vermiculture worm buddies.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Try LIVING with the recycle Nazi....!

  3. I did live with him....this didn't happen until he got married. What happened Derek? I'm proud of you though. Kristin, you've come a long way too, with your couponing life. I'm proud of you too. This is from a Mom/mom in-law who gets teased for washing out ziplocks....


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