Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Sci Fi-Musical-Drama-Action-Romatic Comedy-Slapstick Adventure

When my friend and co-worker Jeff asked me to star in his 48-Hour Film Challenge as a speechless, invisible-gun-toting, action hero/hermit - however could I refuse?

So I joined the crew over at 12a Productions to act in a three-minute film that they had to concept, write, film and edit all in the course of 48-hours. For my part in the fun, I spent the better (hotter) part of twelve hours running around the dusty, deserted streets of the rural Florence, Arizona.

Besides the 48-hour time limit, the film challenge participants had to include a specified prop (a paintbrush) and a line of dialogue ("I'm so hungry.") and draw a film genre out of a hat. 12a Productions drew "Action" (the other genres were Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Slapstick and Musical.)

Out of thirty-three film, ours won fifth place overall and qualified to go on the the finals! Also, it received a special award for "Best Use of Every Genre" (you'll see why when you watch the film.)

Thanks for including me 12a! I had a blast working with ya'll. Congratulations on your win!

P.S. This is suppose to be funny and over-the-top, so don't feel bad if you laugh at us.


  1. That is the most odd video I have ever watched. You did a good job in it though....?

  2. Although strange, I was thoroughly entertained !!!


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