Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goal #44- Dates with Devin (7 of 20)

Enjoy complimentary concerts at churches and schools. Check your local newspaper for a listing of these and other free events. - Dates on a Dime

If you love an upbeat acoustic guitar matched with an angelic, folksy voice, then you must check out J.J. Heller. She used to play at my old university during our chapels and in our coffee shop and was always a favorite. Being a huge fan of her and her music myself, I was thrilled that she is finally being played on the radio (she is taking off and it makes me so excited! You go girl!). J.J.'s music is so beautiful and the lyrics just pierce the heart. Seriously, I have four of her CDs and there is a least one song on each album that will make me choke up every time I hear it.

Family Life Radio hosted a free J.J. Heller concert last Friday as a part of their "listener appreciation tour." Devin and I (both J.J. fans) were some of the first in line when the doors opened.

J.J. and her husband Dave (who sings back-up and plays the guitar) are so funny on stage. They lovingly quip back and forth and Dave will cut into the middle of a song with some comedic comment such as, "That line that you all just "awww'd" at - yeah, I... I wrote that." (He'll say this with a sheepish, humble smile) They are the perfect duo and sound a-mazing together. I hope you'll check them out!

* There was a love offering taken for J.J. and Dave, which we contributed to, so this date wasn't technically free. But for great live music like that - we got a killer bargain.

Photos © Devin Hanson Photograph 2010

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