Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goal #2 - Life Updates: July

Devin and I spent our Forth of July weekend doing some apartment-improvement projects. Including this one and this one:

(the newly painted blue wall in our living room)
When we re-signed our lease for another thirteen months, we figured that since we'd be staying put for awhile, it was time for a little change. I love our new blue wall (it compliments a larger wall in the same room that was already painted a lighter shade of this blue). The deep blue makes my little antique table (which I rescued from a garage sale for $1.00 and re-painted white) stand out beautifully. Mmmm... ::contented sigh:: The whole project only cost us about $9.00 (as we borrowed all of the tarps, tape, trays, rollers and brushes) and makes such a big difference in the space.

I could blog about this subject for another hour. I used to watch way too much HGTV and TLC and I get really excited about decorating... But will move on for the sake of those of you who just barely care.

Mid-July, after spending a whole day cleaning the apartment and baking cookies, we had some new friends from church over. You know what Mama always said, "You have to be a friend to make friends." And since making a real friend at church is one of my goals, I figured I better start putting forth more of an effort to be a friend myself.

We had a blast with Keith, Kaydee, Barry and Steffani while playing some very funny games. (Ever heard of the 1990's game True Colors? Yeah. Awesome. But be ye warned: feelings can definitely get stepped on during this game. One consumer description I found said, "Do your friends hate you? They will if you play True Colors." All went well for us this time around, however, I have played the game and had friends wind up in tears... sooo... play if you dare.)

The living room looked so neat and tidy after our get-together and when Devin mentioned that it makes for such a peaceful, relaxing place to be when its clean - it really touch my wife's heart. It gave me such a desire to keep our place picked up in order to serve Devin better. If having tidy apartment helps make my husband feel relaxed at home, then I need to make a much greater effort to keep that peaceful atmosphere intact! I'm trying to pick up little things right when I see them, so that stuff doesn't pile up. So far so good. (Which is a BIG deal for me - as any of my family members or prior roommates can attest to.) (I can't take all of the credit though - Devin has been really helpful too. He's just awesome like that.)

Clean living room! (you can see both blue walls in this shot also)
I also got to go on a little trip with my girl friends for my birthday - more on that in a later post!


  1. Stephanie BashamJuly 31, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    Oooh, I just LOVED these past two posts! Monopoly, home improvement jobs, and True Colors! It doesn't get much better than that!

    I could talk HGTV talk for hours, too. I wouldn't have minded if you'd kept on talking about your projects. :)

    I have a couple friends who can never remember the name of True Colors, and always just ask, "hey can we play that one game where everybody gets mad at everybody else?" Hee!!! One of my fave questions is "if your plane got delayed a few hours at the airport, who would you NOT want to be sitting with while waiting in the terminal?" SO awful! And yet SO fun.

    I love your painted-white antique table! It does look really good against the blue wall!

    And lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope it's a fabulous one! :)

  2. Okay, so I LOVE the BLUE! And I KNEW Steph would already be here with a True Colors comment! We HEART that game! I've only ever played it with Steph, Daniel, Gabe, Bethany and Stewart (and Mom and Livi played last time I think). Yes, awful and fun all rolled into one!!

    You're bringing it this weekend, right, Steph??

  3. Love it! It looks great. I need to be better about keeping the house clean too. Thats why we have homegroup at our house every week. I cant have a dirty house when 25 people are coming over. Offer to have Bible study at your house every week. It does the trick!

  4. I need to have Bible Study at my house every week, in every room. :)


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