Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goal #42: Go Sailing with the In-Laws

On Saturday, Devin and I went sailing with my in-laws Bob and Lynn. I had never been sailing before and faced half-teasing threats of an "initiation" the entire drive to Lake Pleasant. I figured they were joking, but considering I had dared to wear my UofA hat on a boat in the middle of a lake with a bunch of ASU fans (UofA's home-state rival)... I was genuinely concerned. Not to mention that Devin was unable to keep a straight face as he "assured" me that they were only joking. Once we were on the boat, the conversation of initiation pick up every time "Captain Bob" (my FIL) asked how deep the water was. "208 feet? Yeah, this should be a good spot."

Much to my relief (though not to the interest of this story), the "initiation" was nothing more than steering the boat every now and again. Seriously - how I became so gullible I will never know (I blame my wonderful, but ever-teasing father). Apparently I am very easy to tease and no matter how many times I get teased, a little part of me always seems to take the bait. Which, of course, makes it all the more fun to continue teasing me the next time. Oy.

Once I realized that the threat of being tossed over-board was a ploy, I quite enjoyed myself sailing. The water was a gorgeous dark blue and weather was absolutely perfect- warm and sunny, but enjoyable. The desert surrounding the lake was green and in bloom with purple, yellow, orange and red wild flowers.

It was also fun for me to see my FIL in his element. Bob loves to sail and even races a small sail boat with my BIL, Derek. Knowing pretty much less-than-nothing about sailing, it was interesting to me to see Devin and Bob run the boat. (Actually, Lynn helped run the boat too. So basically, every person on board proved to be a useful crew member but me.)

Though Bob is the Captain (which Devin informed was the only thing I needed to know when on the boat), my MIL assured me that she was the Admiral. (If any of you are as ignorant of the Navy as I was when this statement was made, an Admiral commands a Captain.) Truly though, my MIL, Lynn is so sweet. She is wonderful at observing others and picking up on their likes. Then often presents them with a little gift that matches those likes. She is also very good at remembering people's ambitions and dreams and encouraging them to pursue them.

So to recap- I was on a boat, in the middle of a deep lake, with my in-laws, wearing the colors and logo of a rival school and not only did I survive - I had an absolutely wonderful, relaxing time and am already looking forward to the next trip.

Thus completed Goal #42 on my list on 101 Goals. The only grievance I have is a minor sunburn and the fact that as I sit and type this, I am still rocking back and forth on a phantom boat and feeling more than a bit sea sick.

Here are some shots Devin took while we were on the boat:

Q4U- Tell me about a memorable experience you've had with your in-laws.

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