Monday, November 15, 2010


Another goal checked off my Project 101 in 1001 list. Read about my journey here.

Goal #18 COMPLETE: Attend five plays, musicals, or symphonies

When I wrote this goal I thought, Okay I can complete this in 1001 days if I see one show every six months. Well. What I should have foreseen was that once this former theater addict returned to her artsy narcotics, there was no turning back. Seven months and five shows later, a goal that was mapped out for six months is completed. I just couldn't get enough and snapped up every opportunity to see a show that I could find. Best part - two of the five performances were completely F-R-E-E. 

To finish out this goal, Devin and I attended a free concert courtesy of the Chandler Symphony Orchestra. We were joined by our superbly classy friends Megan, Brian, Jamie, Ben, Julie and Blake. (Okay honestly, I was shocked that we had such a large turn out. My friends are more sophisticated than I gave them credit for.)

The symphony was beautiful and when those first few notes left the musician's instruments, I felt so in awe that music even exists. How and why God create the ability to arrange random sounds into such inspiring melodies is beyond me, but I am so glad He did - it was incredibly generous of Him.

I loved every performance we saw throughout this goal and even though it is checked off the list, this junkie is already keeping a (frugal) eye out for where to get my next fix...

Check around your area for local symphonies - many of them offer free shows or preview nights every now-and-again.

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  1. Nina and I showed up a couple weeks ago at the school where we read with DaShawn, our reading buddy, and they were getting ready to have an assembly with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. So we got a F-R-E-E 45-minute concert. It was really incredible.


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