Monday, November 1, 2010

We're All in This Together

I am so excited to tell you all about this awesome opportunity to feeding some beautiful African children in Uganda and get some lovely decor for your home at the same time!   

One of the ways well be raising the $7300 we need to go to Uganda in March is by selling some of the beaded crosses that I make. The cross picture here, "We're All in This Together" is hand crafted with beads made from recycled magazines -  beads which are created by women in Uganda. By selling this particular cross, we'll also be raising money to feed the children that Amazima Ministries works with.

(Pictured Left: 3.5" We're All in This Together Beaded Cross)

This is how it works:

Step 1: Amazima Ministries trains and facilitates the women of the Karamojong tribe to make magazine bead necklaces. These women are some of the poorest in Uganda and are often considered outcasts. The necklaces provide them with sustainable income to feed their families.

Step 2: The Karamojong women sell some of these necklaces to the 147 Million Orphans organization. When 147 the re-sells the necklaces, they send 50% of the profits back to the Amazima feeding program which feeds some of the children of the same women making the beads.

Step 3: I buy the beads from 147 and work them into my crosses. When a cross sells, I donate another 50% of profits to Amazima's feeding program. (The other 50% will go towards our trip.)

This means that the same set of beads will provide income and food for the poorest of the poor in Uganda in THREE separate ways!! Wow - what a beautiful full-circle story!

The 3.5" crosses (pictured above) are $20 (includes shipping to U.S. addresses) and will provide forty-six (46) meals for a child in Africa. This cross comes with a ribbon for hanging and makes a beautiful home accent or Christmas ornament.

The 7" crosses (pictured left) are $50 (includes shipping to U.S. addresses) and will provide one hundred and eleven (111) meals for a child in Africa. This cross comes ready to mount on a wall or can be placed on a bookshelf or windowsill for display.

Is this not just the coolest thing you've ever heard? (Okay, maybe not ever, but I'm pretty crazy excited about it!)

If you are interesting in ordering a cross, please visit (click the "We're All in This Together" tab). Supplies are limited, so please order sooner-than-later. 

*Please note: Because they are handmade, the pattern of beading will vary slightly on each cross. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


  1. Love, love, love this whole entire thing!! I can't buy one right this moment, but I'll just pray you still have one left when I can!

  2. hmm. I'm thinking.
    A BreakDown team will likely be starting in Northern Uganda sometime before the summer, and within this same tribe I believe. It would be really cool if those going to Uganda on the trip this July each bought a necklace and then gave it as a gift back to the BD kids from that area. Now THAT would be full circle Jen! We shall talk!


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