Monday, November 8, 2010

The Tale of Two Sisters

Kate & Julia
I was at my parents' house this weekend for a short visit and at one point wandered onto the back porch to enjoy the cool air and a warm mug of coffee. Within minutes my little sisters Kate (9) and Julia (8) followed me bearing their own sugar-infused versions of coffee.

I started chatting with them about school and the upcoming holidays and about their best friend Jacob (which always incites a fit of uncontainable giggles, heaven help me). I was soaking up this sweet moment with my little ladies and said, "You know girls, in about seven years from now, we'll be sitting on this porch watching my kids play in the back yard. You'll be in high school by then and we'll sip coffee and I'll give you all sorts of advice about boys and life and such."

Julia piped up, "You already give us good advice, Jen!"

"Oh really?" I said, curious to hear what she'd come up with, "Such as?"

She thought for a moment and then began counting on her fingers the nuggets of wisdom that I have imparted on them thus far, "Don't dress like a skank. Don't dance inappropriately. Don't shake your booty like a hoochy. Don't kiss boys before you're in college."

Yep. That sounds like something I would say. In fact, one of my favorite "Julia-isms" (I'll share more of these in the upcoming months) has a similar ring to it...

When Julia was about five-years-old, she came up to my Dad and announced very matter-of-factly , "Tinkerbell is a bad guy."

"Why's that?" Dad asked.

"Because she told Captain Hook where Peter Pan was. And because she wears a skanky dress!"

Hmmm.... I wonder who helped her come to that conclusion...


  1. Love it. Sounds like the same stuff I tell Angie

  2. Do you have any idea how much I love those two girls? And my girlies love them just as much!! That's a great picture!

  3. Hahaha! That is too funny! I love those girls!

    "Don't shake your booty like a hoochie" is my favorite. :)


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