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It always amuses me to hear my dad explain how he became the father of five kids. He likes to say that he started out wanting two kids and that my mom talked him into a third and then God talked him into adopting a forth... but then God dropped two little girls "temporarily" into our laps instead. (read that story here)

Today, my family joyfully celebrates my sisters' six-year adoption anniversary. For the occasion, I thought it would be fun to share some thoughts I wrote shortly after my sisters were adopted - a little glimpse into my mind as I processed the new additions to our family.

by Jennifer Robison
January 28, 2005

My parents are adopting a little girl. I can’t wait! I’m the oldest and only daughter- I’ve always wanted a little sister to spoil. I’ll dress her in pretty dresses with bows and frills. I’ll buy her dolls and do her hair…

Then again… maybe I like being the only girl. It after all, has its benefits. There’s only so much room on daddy’s little finger.

Less room. Let room in the house, less room in my parent’s hearts, less room in the car on cross-country road trips.

Less time. More stress. Less money. More noise.

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

What? Two? Two! There are two of them now?

Two little girls. Two under the age of two. Twice the time, half the space. Two times the diapers, two times the work.

Wait a minute! I’m twenty-one years old! I’ll be over the hill by the time they enter high school! Let’s look at this logistically- I’m away at college. I’ll never get to know them. I’ll be known as “that’s sister of ours far away in college.” That hardly seems fair. Perhaps we should send them back.

But back to where? They have no other place to go. When I imagine what their lives would be like if they did go back… No pressure or anything, but the fate of these little girls lives lies in your hands!

Life might be less complicated without them…but would it be better? It would be a lot quieter without their constant chatter, without their contagious laughter. 

This would be easier if they weren’t so darn cute!

What harm would it really do if they stayed? They need us... and maybe we need them too.

We’re their second chance. And they’re our chance to make a difference; to do something really worthwhile with our lives.

Less room? Less room for selfish motives.

Time? More time to put someone else before myself.


Two. Two more hugs in the morning, two more kisses at night.

Two little girls.

Two precious lives that I have the opportunity to influence.

Two precious hearts I have the chance to fill with love.

Two precious souls that I have responsibility to impact for eternity.

How could I say no to that?

Christmas 2008

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  1. We related to this post quite a bit--we joke that we got a "buy one, get one free" deal on our adopted boys. After fostering and adopting our first son (we already had 3 girls by birth), his mother had another baby boy and CPS immediately placed him with us, wanting him to be with his full sibling. They're 18 months apart but the same size and both blonde--people think they're twins. What a deal both of our families got!! Have to remember the blessing of TWO when they're getting into it with each other as boys will do :)


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