Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goal #31 - Packing Lunches

Goal #31: Pack a lunch for work every day for three weeks: Completed!

While there were a couple of days there that I thought I wouldn't be able to choke down yet another PB&J sandwich, I was able to complete this goal without any real hassle. In fact, there were some other benefits, besides saving money, that I experienced:

1).  I was motivated to also make my breakfast and morning coffee at home rather that grabbing something quick at the  oh-so-conveniently-located gas station right across the street from my office (a gas station that has the best cappuccinos for under a dollar). Cutting out the purchased coffee was also a helpful habit for achieving six-months-of-radical-frugality.

2).  "Choking down yet another PB&J sandwich"- after about day-four-in-a-row- was good motivation for me to cook more at home, thus providing myself with leftovers to take to work the next day. (Not to mention appeasing my hubby's belly and stocking up the freezer with pre-made meals.)

3).  I learned quickly to pack more than one lunch at time - therefore guaranteeing my success for the days following. Example: If I grabbed leftovers, I would fill the Tupperware with a two-day supply. Packing a sandwich? The bread's already out- why not make two and take both to work? (Have a fridge at my office helps this shortcut work a lot better than if I only had a lunch box.)

4).  Packing a lunch the night before made for one less thing to do on my groggy mornings.

Here is the biggest thing I learned - packing a lunch is really not that hard. So what is my excuse for not doing this every workday, even after Goal #31 is completed? Well, I'm lazy for one. But the last three weeks confirmed that while I may be lazy, even I can manage to pack a lunch everyday. To not do so is not only lazy, but a poor use of the monetary resources God has given me. So now I'm continuing this goal of lunch-packing and will see how long I can last before my cravings for Arby's takes over...


  1. Stephanie BashamMay 2, 2010 at 5:46 AM

    I'm so proud of you for packing all those lunches! I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore. Now I'm at home so I just make my sandwich here when I'm ready to eat. :)

  2. do you have a microwave at work? I have a freezer full of microwavable meals that I can grab as I walk out the door. When I harvest the veggies I grow in our back yard, i turn many of them into garden vegetable soup or vegetarian chili, and freeze this into individual containers. I have a huge stockpot that makes three gallons of soup at a time. That's a lot of lunches! Anytime I make pasta, I double up and save at least half in containers for my lunch. Heck, if I'm cooking, I'm making doubles so I have numerous meals to heat and eat later.

    Love reading what you're doing, and especially what you're LEARNING.

  3. Jen: I don't know if you've actually "met" Kevin. He used to come to Selah concerts and photograph the band. We recently reconnected on FB. You packing lunches blog has inspired [read: convicted] me to get back on the packed lunches wagon.

  4. Crap. Ive been convicted. I dont want to pack my lunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is a waste of God's money to eat out all the time, so alas, I will start doing this.


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