Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Being Blasé

I have all sorts of post ideas lined up and I have every good intention of posting them in the near future. But I am currently feeling a bit lackadaisical. You know, the sort of stand-still one feels when life is just too busy to gather one's thoughts enough to even ponder doing one more thing? Yeah, I'm smack-dab in the middle of that feeling.

I'm still working on Project 101, but my current goals (12 in the works right at this moment) are rather involved and not quickly checked off the List.

Here's a little peek at a goal-in-progress: Goal #82: Design something new, for fun, every week for two months. 

This is a digital portrait I created for fun as a gift for my friends Ryan and Sarah Shoemaker, who just recently had their first child - the lovely Brinlee Alexandra Shoemaker.

Q4U- What do you do to motivated yourself when you are feeling over-whelmed?


  1. That is EXACTLY how I've been feeling lately! There's something in the air, because many of my friends have expressed the same thing. Exhaustion, lack of motivation, feeling super-overwhelmed. Praying that summer brings some sweet relief!!

  2. Spend time in God's Word first thing every morning. My focus is re-focused back to where it should be and I am better able to prioritize my time and activities for the day. I also ask God for motivation and to help me be calm and know where to start and not feel like everything is spinning out of control!

  3. I am having the same problem. I really need to start doing stuff, and Im not. I have to start learning spanish and the book and computer program just stare at me from across the room...


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