Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goal #2: Life Updates - September

This post marks month six of six for Goal #2 -  Blog a personal/life update once-a-month for six months.  Whoo-hooo! Twenty-one goals down, eighty more to go, 798 days left on this Project 101 in 1001 journey!

So here's what you missed (or didn't if you keep up with my blog) for the month of September:

It's hot. It may be "officially autumn", but in the great city of Phoenix, we are still frying our eggs on the sidewalk. (Okay, not really, because - gross. But I did hear a story from a friend who has chickens that one of her hens laid an egg on a black tarp and the egg became so hot that it cracked, oozed out of the shell and fried itself right there on the tarp. Not even joking.)

And in other news, we are down to being a one-car family once again as our dear Subaru has passed on to another life with another owner who bought the crippled vehicle "As Is." Stay tuned for late-breaking information on whether or not we'll be able to get a second car.

The unemployment rate is still holding at a steady 50% in the Hanson household, but the outlook is hopeful as the husband pounds the pavement to bring home the bacon (to go with the aforementioned eggs).

Mental health is on the rise in the brain of one, Jennifer Hanson, and while the Radical Read-Along has posed some mild challenges to said metal health, there is a considerable amount of growth being shown. Witnesses say that a dependence on God and His Word are at the core of this new growth trend.

And finally - An invasion of ants has swept its way through regions of the Hanson kitchen and special forces are being brought in to hold the line. Ant causalities are on the rise and averaging one-to-two-hundred daily. Minor injuries have been sustained by the Hansons in the form of throbbing bites, but nothing fatal has been reported. Ant forces have been spotted on counter tops, in the sink, on the stove and most recently a pocket of the rebellion was discovered in the microwave. This portion of the colony was immediately nuked. Analysts are hopeful that the advancing army will not reach the pantry.

And that's your September update folks! Thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you next time!


  1. I say entice them all into the microwave and have at it.

  2. I also HATE ants. I'm sure you have tried the "ant baits" Also, wash counter tops with vinigar, leaving some on during the night. Helps sometimes.
    Good luck!

  3. So, I couldn't figure out how you could get one of my chickens in your post, but it was very effectively done! BTW I follow your posts and they really get me thinking. Thanks for your transparency :)


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