Friday, September 17, 2010

I Can't Get Enough of This Stuff!

Goal #18: Attend five plays, musicals, or symphonies (4 of 5)

If you live in Phoenix, before you read this post, check your calendar and see if you are open tonight, tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon. Oh, you are open you say? Perfect. Then you have no excuse not to go see this show...

After our side-splitting good time at the last Brelby Theatre Company production, Devin and I decided to hit up their current show - Shakespeare's As You Like It. We were generously given free admission to the show when we volunteered to usher, so this date night was perfect for our Living Frugal project. (For more living frugal tips, check out yesterday's post.)

The production, set in modern time and relying on a minimalist set (which the actors made excellent use of), was impressively professional for such a young company. It was seriously good theatre and I kept thinking, If this is only their first season, I can't wait to see the quality they produce a few years from now! 

A strong ensemble cast was headed up by twenty-year-old Ellyn Heald, who carried the role of Rosalind with seasoned ease. The energy, charm and grace that Ellyn exuded during her exquisite performance showed a level of talent that I did not expect from someone so young, let alone expect to find in a newly christened theatre company. I tell you, this girl was born to perform Shakespeare. Ellyn was well-supported by the comedic timing and winsome antics of Leah Nemecek, who played Rosalind's cousin and near-constant companion, Celia.

Brian Maticic portrayed the ever-lovable Fool that is so common in Shakespeare's plays and did so with brilliant physical comedy that made one wonder if he had springs loaded into his tennis shoes. And his knees. And arms. And backside. He was a near Tigger will all of his bouncing, bounding, rolling, sliding and leap-frogging all over the set... and all over the other actors. It was hilariously entertaining.

This was truly a wonderful show with spirited acting and directing. Devin (even with his limited Shakespeare exposure) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to the whole Brebly cast and crew for a wonderful night out!


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