Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Foolin' - TWINS!

There may have been some rumors floating around facebook yesterday (on April Fools Day) that I am pregnant with twins. I just wanted to take this moment to set the record straight and say that... it's all true! (Many thanks to those friends and family members who played along with us yesterday - we couldn't have pulled it off without your clever comments!)

TRUE FACT: Today, I am 13-weeks pregnant with twins. 

Other Facts You May Be Interested In:
  • This was a surprise (yeah, no kidding right?), made doubly so by the discovery we would be welcoming TWO unexpected blessings into our lives. 
  • My due date is October 11th - one day after our two year wedding anniversary (ironic? yes.)
  • The twins are fraternal. For which I blame my great-great grandmother, Laura for. She is the only one on either side of our families who ever birthed fraternal twins. So apparently twins do run in our family, which was news to me. (My cousin Sarah has identical twins, but that isn't the same gene.)
  • I was 10 and 11 weeks pregnant while in Uganda (how's that for a babymoon??). Because of this, I learned a lot about trusting in God while there and while deciding whether or not to cancel the trip when we found out I was pregnant (six weeks before we were suppose to leave.) We both felt strongly that God had provided so amazingly for this trip and He knew we were going to be pregnant, so we needed to still go and trust in His plan whatever happened. Which worked out great. 
  • Because I was pregnant, I was not able to get any of the vaccines for Uganda - thus leaving me susceptible to malaria and typhoid fever. I took what precautions I could (long sleeves, leggings under my skirts and a small amount of bug spray). I didn't get one bug bite the entire time I was there - a testament to God's protection and the answered prayers of our parents and siblings (who knew before we left).
  • My first trimester pregnancy symptoms have been mild - which I am exceedingly grateful for, especially since symptoms can increase with twins. 
  • Both Devin and I are very excited about our little surprises. It's actually laughable how not in the plan this pregnancy was - beyond ironic really. But I'll write all about that in a future post. For now, here are some sonogram pictures of our little cuties:   
7.5 weeks: Surprise! It's twins!!

12.5 weeks: Baby A
12.5 weeks: Baby B


  1. BAHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited I can't even stand it! What an amazing blessing! And how awesome is our God that He has provided and blessed accordingly, in only ways that He can. I am so thrilled for this new chapter in your lives. SO FUN!!!! (I use a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Wow, that's pretty amazing. Congrats !

  3. WOW! How exciting! And how encouraging to read how you both trusted God to protect you as you followed His lead to Uganda. Thank You for sharing how He protected you and your precious babies!

  4. So awesome! Love the first pics!!! What a blessing.

  5. I know I've already said it, but Congratulations! I can't wait to meet those two blessings!

  6. This is going to be so much fun.

  7. Jen and Devin,
    God is entrusting you with two awesome gifts! He has a lot of faith in both of you.

    We are so excited to get to see them grow, and to see you both grow into your Mommy and Daddy roles.

    Congratulations! Karen


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