Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uganda Stories: Giving More

 Our team organizing lots and lots of donated supplies
(photo courtesy of my wonderful teammate, Katie Hobson)
One of my favorite nights in Uganda was towards the end of our trip when we sat down as a team to decide how to use the overage money that we had raised for our trip. Personally, for Devin and I, God provided for our trip expenses in some really cool ways - above and beyond what we needed. As a team, God gave us over $9000 combined extra and we were able to hugely bless the ministries that we worked with in Uganda. It was so great. If I could spend the rest of my life giving away $9000 worth of blessings every day to needy people, I would be one happy camper.

This was cash donations in addition to the 40+ mattress we raised money for and the 20+ suitcases we brought with us which were full of supplies - shoes, clothing, deodorant, diapers, school supplies, etc. How awesome to be able to give so much back and what a neat experience to decide how to tangibly blessed all of the wonderful ministries we had served and fallen in love with over the week. Here's all we were able to do through God's abundant provision:

  • Five, one-year sponsorships for five of the orphans living at Canaan (covers food, care and school fees)
  • One, one-year scholarship for an older child who has "graduated" from Cannan and is on their own now trying to pay for life and college (at 18-years-old)
  • A gift of $200 for newly-weds and amazing staff members George and Sylvia
  • A gift of $100 for our incredible cook Annette who is a sweetheart-and-half and works so hard to send her two children to school (but only gets to see them twice a month)
  • A gift of $50 to each Auntie and Uncle at the orphanage (the incredible people who live with and help raise all the children at Canaan)

  • One full-sized loom 
  • A double supply of thread 
  • (the above will be used for the branch of the ministry that helps rehabilitate prostitutes by teaching them a trade skill)
  • A full term of school for the children sponsored through Return Uganda 
  • Six months rent for the house these children live in 
  • A gift of $400 for the feeding program that provides meals to over 300 children in the community

  • A gift of $1000 to be used where most needed (probably for food and to cover school fees of children whose parents can't afford it, which is the vast majority of the 400 kids who attend the school)

GOD IS GOOD! And what a blessing to be a part of doling out all these blessings!
Looking forward to telling you more about our experiences falling in love with each of these ministries. 


  1. What a blessing to help in so many ways and be there to give the blessing in person! This is not only inspiring, its a great example of selflessness and God's faithfulness.

  2. This THRILLS my soul. I'm soooooo with you. I would LOVE to be able to give that much every day!! For now, I'll be content giving all I can.


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