Friday, March 25, 2011

Back from Uganda and feeling... umm...

After 40 straight hours of travel, Devin and I arrived safely and gratefully home from Uganda on Wednesday night. There is so much to tell and so many awesome, though bittersweet, moments to relive for you through stories, photos and video, but right now I need a few days (weeks?) to process everything and readjust to life here. There is just so much running through my mind that I think I might just short-circuit if I don't take some time to mentally rest.

I'm feeling all sorts of conflicting emotions - energized, but jet-lagged. Excited, but sad. Happy to be home, but missing some especially special kiddos. Knowing some things for certain and wondering about a whole lot more. 

There is so much to tell. The next couple of months here on the blog will be full of all sorts of stuff that will make you giddy. Stay tuned. 


  1. I totally get that. I'll be continuing to pray for you and Devin and the rest of the group that went with you - sometimes the hardest part of these trips is the readjusting your world when you get back *hugs*

  2. I know that conflict of emotions all too well; you were able to describe them better than me though. In January of last year I got to revisit Kenya (with a four day side trip to Burundi), for a little over three weeks. It was good to be back with my family, but I missed my "Africa Family" also.
    I am amazed now to think about how God chose me to be able to go to Africa twice before age 14!


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