Monday, March 7, 2011

Uganda Update: Royal Hope Academy

We leave for Uganda THIS Friday! 

Day 11
Ministry Spotlight: Royal Hope Academy

Royal Hope Academy was started two years ago by a college-age gal named Rebecca Sorensen. Much like Katie Davis, Rebecca spent three months teaching in Uganda and then made the decision the move there permanently to serve the children of Uganda.

Royal Hope Academy provides Christian education and discipleship to 240 orphaned and/or poor children in Uganda. Rebecca herself was a "partial orphan" who was abandoned by her father at a young age and struggled deeply with feelings of rejection growing up. Because of this understanding and background, she takes special care in helping the children at RHA find healing and wholeness through the love of their Heavenly Father. 

"Since February 2009 when we first started the school, at least 100 children have come out of polygamist Islam, witchcraft or Rhasta into the marvelous light and love of Jesus Christ, really knowing what it means to give Him their hearts and lives. They have learned that they are loved by their heavenly Father, the King of Kings, and that they have been adopted as princes and princesses into His Royal family. Many have been delivered of demonic oppression, healed from diseases and conditions, and certainly saved by the marvelous love of our Faithful Father. They have developed a compassion and a generosity for others as well through a weekly offering they give to help someone in the community who is in need." - Rebecca Sorensen

Rebecca with some of the students from RHA
That last sentence just makes you smile doesn't it? Here are these extremely poor children who have such a compassionate heart that they still find a way to help others in need. Wow. 

Our last day in Uganda will be spent with these kids and we'll reaffirm RHA's message of hope and spiritual adoption through our "In His Image" VBS lesson and activities. These kids sound pretty amazing and I am looking forward to meeting them. 

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  1. Did I ask you before if you'll be able to blog while you're there? I wish I could go with you!! This is going to be soooo amazing!!


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