Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo Chain - A Fun and Free Date

This was possibly one of my Top Five Favorite Dates with Devin. We spent the evening creating a "photo chain" together. How a photo chain works is this: Person A starts the chain by taking a photograph of something. Person A then "tags" something in that photo (a color, shape, concept, etc.) Person B must then take a completely different photo that visually describes the tagged word from the previous photo. This continues back and forth indefinitely. We had a awesome time driving around town making our photo chain and plan to continue adding to it in the future.

I started the chain by taking this photo and tagging "Pink."

Tag: Pink

Below, is Devin's photo titled "Pink." He then tagged "Lens Flare."

Title: Pink  Tag: Lens Flare
Title: Lens Flare  Tag: Silhouette
Title: Silhouette  Tag: Life
Title: Life  Tag: Circle
Title: Circle  Tag: Technology
Title: Technology   Tag: Contrast
Title: Contrast  Tag: Reflection
Title: Reflection  Tag: Repetition
Title: Repetition  Tag: Green
Title: Green  Tag: Metal
Title: Metal  Tag: Architecture
Title: Architecture  Tag: Up
Title: Up  Tag: Name
Title: Name  Tag: Parallel Lines
Title: Parallel Lines  Tag: Attire
Title: Attire  Tag: V
Title: V  Tag: Touching
Title: Touching  Tag: Through
Title: Though   Tag: (TBD for next time...)
This would be such a fun event for a family, youth group, couple or any group of people with a camera and the ability to think creatively. Thanks to the wonder that is digital cameras, this date/event is FREE (with the exception of gas money if you plan to drive around.) So grab your camera and go have some fun!

All images © Devin Hanson Photography 2010

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  1. You definitely get my vote of most CREATIVE couple ever.


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