Thursday, January 5, 2012

Right Now (in bullets)

Someone commented to me today that I must feel like I'm being pulled in five different directions. Indeed I do. Those five directions being: a husband, a baby, another baby, a home and a full-time job. Its... a lot. My mind is so jumbled and scattered that to write any sort of eloquent update would quite possibly short-circuit me, so I thought I would just give you a quick peek at my "right now" in bullet point form. 

1). A Husband

  • Devin has been an amazing encouragement as we adjust to this new life of ours
  • He has been so patient with me
  • He is an amazing dad
  • I love watching him interact with the boys
  • He is such a hard worker
  • I love this man beyond words
  • I want to learn to love him better

2). A Baby

  • Weston is such a happy, silly baby
  • But when he is upset, he gets UPSET
  • He is starting to giggle
  • He babbles to himself a lot
  • He is a morning person
  • I am not
  • But seeing his great big grin every morning is making me cherish the mornings 
  • I love this kid so much

3). Another Baby:

  • Isaac is such a sweetheart
  • He looks just like Devin
  • He acts a lot like Devin too - a quite observer 
  • But, oh my, can that boy scream when he gets upset (this is not like Devin)
  • He loves being held and snuggling into crevices (armpits especially)
  • He loves "talking" and listening to whoever is interacting with him
  • He is absolutely fascinated by his hands right now
  • Seriously, he just lays there staring at his hands and studying them as they move
  • I love this kid so much too

4). A Home: 

  • Mostly messy, most of the time
  • We've got a lot of stuff and not a lot of room
  • I desperately want the time to purge and organize
  • Still receiving meals for some amazing friends and family 
  • Feeling so grateful for this
  • But eventually I'm going to have to start cooking again 
  • Cooking is not my gift
  • Would love to be a better homemaker
  • Doing my best with what time I have

5). A full-time job:

  • It's stressful
  • But some days it's nice to get away and just be a designer
  • But most of the time, I hate being away from Devin and the babies so much
  • I get home just a couple of hours before Devin and the babies go to bed 
  • If I could sum it up in two words:
  • Too
  • Much

Notice a couple of key things missing from my top five list? Yeah, "God" and "Me" are almost not-to-be-found most days. I am so blessed in so many ways and I love my new life as a mama to twins, but something's got to give. The current pace is not sustainable long-term. But never you worry dear reader, Devin and I have something in the works that could very possibly be one of the best decisions we'll make during our life together... 


  1. If you love me at all, you'll message me a hint about these big plans of yours. If love is not enough, I'll message you a hint about our future in exchange. ;)

  2. Marla and Jen--You both are KILLING me with your secrets!!!

  3. Yeah, you both should also message us, while you're at it. B/c you're both killing me, too! :)

  4. jen- please know that you have been on my heart and i will continue to pray for you! you are such a talented woman with an amazing heart set for the lord. it's been so cool to follow along and see what god has in store for you and your family; i can't wait to see what's next. hang in there!

  5. I'm with Bethany and Jess! Secrets are no fun!

    I love you Jen!!!!!


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