Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fevers and Coughing and Tissues - Oh My!

It's "Weekend of the Crud" here at the Hanson house and I'm your host, Jennifer Hanson of "Mama's Can't Take Sick Days." 

Isaac's got a horribly running nose and had a fever last night (scared the new mama pants off of me until I read this comforting, "don't panic" article from Dr. Sears.) All he wants is to be held and cuddled (so thankful for my baby carrier - I'm wearing him now and he's resting peacefully.) Weston's got a awful cough and can't seem to keep much down. I've got a sore throat and Devin's been fighting lung congestion for about a month. Oy. 

This is a parenting first for me - this whole, "you're the mama and have a sick family to take care of, suck it up if you're sick too" thing. It feels a little like the newborn days when the boys would both be crying and I couldn't figure out how to comfort them. Poor little guys. 

I remember when I was growing up and my mom would get really sick but insist that she wasn't. I thought she was nuts not to rest when she was obviously feeling miserable. I understand now - there were just too many other things and little people to take care of for her to worry about herself. Thanks for taking care of us Mom and I'm sorry we didn't/couldn't let you rest more when you were sick too. 

I'm not complaining - I promise. Just pondering the sometimes still inconceivable reality that I'M now the Mama who can't take a sick day and has to find the energy somewhere to care for her little family despite feeling stinky herself.

Speaking of stinky - I've been covered in snot, spit-up and drool for the past two days. I should probably take a shower... Oops - the boys are waking up and want to be fed, cuddled, changed and have their noses wiped (okay, they don't really want that last one, they HATE having their noses cleaned. I didn't realize that hatred started at such a young age.) I'm grateful The Daddy is here today too and can offer an extra set of arms for the babies to cuddle in.

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  1. Praying for you, girl. I can distinctly remember a handful of times when the whole family has been sick, and I felt like I wanted to DIE. Like really die. But each time we somehow made it through. Jesus, give Jen strength.


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