Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Steam-E, Sex-E, E-Book for Husbands

My cousin Marla wrote a book for Christian wives a few years back that was all about how to enjoy great sex with your husband. It was published before I even met Devin and I'll be honest, when I was panning through it - out of curiosity and supportive cousiness - I was blushing. Deeply.

While Marla's books are God-honoring and spiritually challenging, the stories she tells and personal events she relates to her readers are raw, honest and candid (and funny also - which makes for a great combination.) The book, Is That All He Thinks About?, which originally brought a bit more color to my cheeks, turned out to be an excellent resource after I got hitched and I would highly recommend it.

This book, and it's intriguing title, started to get a lot of attention from the husbands of the wives who were reading it. (Can you imagine as a husband coming home and seeing that book sitting on your coffee table, or better yet - your wife's bedside table? Hello! That would get my attention as a man.) I know my non-reader hubby picked it up and read most of it before I even got the chance.

Not surprisingly, the idea of writing a husband's version of the book began to come up a lot and I am excited to announce that it is finally here (and in an easy to discretely read e-book format)! Introducing: The Husband's Guide to Getting Lucky (Six Simple Steps to Great Sex with Your Wife

First of all - with a title and cover art like that, a husband would have to be in a walking comma to not notice this e-book should it happen to appear on his Kindle, Nook, iPad or Email (say, as a brilliant Father's Day gift for just $4.99). 

Secondly - if you're a wife, you will very likely make your husband's day (year?) by initiating the purchase of this book. 

Thirdly - if you're a husband, you will very likely make your wife's day (year?) by initiating the purchase of this book. So really - it's a win/win situation for everyone involved. 

Speaking of winning - YOU can win a free copy of the e-book for your very own self (or the self of your spouse). Details at the bottom of this post.

I interviewed Marla about her book, and here's what she had to share:

J: As a woman, why did you feel compelled to write a book about sex for a male audience?  

M: I didn't feel compelled. Not one little bit. At least not at first. See, in my experience, guys aren't big readers. I can count on three fingers (maybe two) the number of books Gabe has read since I've known him. Guys have e-mailed me every now and again since I wrote a book on sex for women and asked, "When's it our turn?" I always laughed it off. Until one week a few months ago when I got three e-mails from three guys in three days all asking the same thing. I decided to take it as a sign and give it a whirl. And it has been quite a whirl.

J: The wife’s version of this book, Is That All He Thinks About?, is pretty frank and gives a very transparent look into your own marriage and sex life: Will the husband’s e-book have the same kind of honesty? 

M: Yes and no. The husbands' book will definitely be frank and transparent, but as a girl (me) talking to a guy (the reader), I don't feel right discussing certain body parts and certain private acts in great detail. There's enough to keep it interesting though. I'll say that much. I'm not one to beat around the bush. And while it's not a bare-all memoir, I do share some of my struggles in the bedroom pretty candidly.

J: How does your hubby, Gabe feel about the level of personal openness you maintain in your marriage books?

M: For whatever reason, Gabe is completely okay with me sharing about our sex life (in book form and when I speak). I think he trusts me to honor him and to share details in a way that's not sensational but that benefits and blesses other marriages. Sex isn't dirty or shameful. It's a gift from God. And so is my husband. 

M: Thanks so much for the interview, Jen. I love your blog, I love your heart for others, and I love YOU. Blessings to you and your THREE boys! 

Thank you Marla! I'm so excited for this book and to see how God uses it to touch the intimate lives of the couples who read it.

How to win a copy: Simply leave a comment here on the blog and tell me what first attracted you to your spouse. (Make sure I have a blog link or email address to contact you with). Winner will be chosen at random on Monday, June 20th. 

How to buy a copy: Have I got you so tantalized that you just can't wait? Good news - for just $4.99, you can start reading the e-book in just minutes from now on you e-reader or computer. Just pop over to the book's website: to order.


  1. People are buying this like hotcakes I'm sure! Marla is a great author!

  2. Wow, that was 11 years ago...I'm not really certain. We were friends first. We enjoyed similar things, he was interesting and different. He was always there for me. <3

  3. This is what I wrote in my prayer journal on Tuesday September 4, 2001 while I was at Grace College:

    "I met Stuart (Jack) :) Peters. He's really nice." (I didn't spell his first name right)

    Then later that same day I wrote: "Father, I have this desire deep within me that longs for a godly man who loves you SO much. One who will love me, care for me, understand me."

    Then a week later on September 12, 2001 I wrote: "Today I had class, ate lunch, read my Art History book for an hour. Then I talked to this guy Jim and then a guy I met--Josh--stopped by and then Stewart and John walked by and they came over and me, Stewart, John and Josh talked for 2 hours! Stewart Jack Peters--he is like the greatest guy friend ever. He understands me totally."

    It took me until April of 2002 (7 months later) to start thinking that Stew was the man God had for me. Okay, I know this is a really long answer to your question, but I really wanted to share because I think it's cool that I wrote it all down. What first attracted me to him? That he GETS me.

  4. For me, it was a combination of his sense of humor and how considerate he is. Those are still two of my favorite things about him! :)

  5. Interesting, never read one of Marla's books so I'll have to look into the them :) as for what first attracted me to my husband Jason, it was 4 things relatively in this order: when first introduced I found him physically appealing although I could tell he might be "too old" (10 yrs older actually), he has a smile that charms everyone (except my dad). 2.he's confident, with who he is and where he stands with God. Within the first half hour of meeting me he invited me to his church where he ran sound. In less then a week had a serious discussion involving faith and trusting God, and Jason wasn't scared to tell me I had I had it wrong. 3 he made me feel special from the beginning (insisted I meet his friends and took me everywhere he went lol) (I mentioned charming right?) 4. He introduced me to his 3 beautiful kids about 3 weeks after I met him and I fell for them too :) just passed our 5 year anniversary and I don't regret knowing him only 10 months before we said the vows. Although my family really didn't take the 2month engagement very well lol.

  6. It was my husband's wink across the college cafeteria that first made my heart go pitter patter. :)

  7. Wow. Lets see if I can get this right.

    I actually knew of my husband in 1998 (grade 11!). I started hanging out with him and a bunch of his friends at the start of grade 12, in 1999. We just got along, and could talk about lots of things. At Halloween, we went with 2 other friends to a haunted house, and we ended up having to wait outside in the rain for around 20 minutes to get in. We cuddled up close to stay warm, and that was when we both realized that there was some mutual attraction going on. What I really loved about him then was how we liked a lot of the same things, and could just talk forever.

    11.5 years later, we're married with 2 kids and loving it. :D

  8. Hi Jennifer:

    I was first attracted to my husband when we were in 7th grade biology class together. I don't do "blood and guts" well at all, so when he came to the rescue and dissected the frog assigned to our foursome, I remember being incredibly grateful. Although we didn't start dating until high school, I still think of that nerdy little 7th grader as my hero.

    Now after 37 years of marriage, he truly is my knight in shining armor. His willingness to bless our group back in 7th grade now blesses his patients as he uses his gifts and talents as a Christian ER doc.

    Jim and I have been teaching other married couples what God desires for their marriages and we applaud you and Marla for helping to spread this message. We're so thankful to see the Church waking up as it strives to reclaim God's amazing gift of sex for marriage!

  9. I tried to post to enter the contest--did it not go thru or did I not do it right? I don't think I included email...was that it? I'm so computer unsavvy! Well let me know if I need to try and type it up again--wasn't smart enough to copy and paste it somewhere :(

  10. Ok so that last one posted...guess I must have done something wrong with the first--sorry about that. I'll try to rewrite it...

    Soooo, what attracted me to my spouse? His wisdom and wit was certainly appealing; his tutoring in high school got me a good grade in Calculus and I had fun helping out in his magic shows. But it was definitely more than that...he was the godliest peer I knew. We both loved Christian Contemporary Music when it was only on the radio from sunrise to sunset (mid-80's). I still have some scratched up vinyl records we played over and over again at youth group (Steve Taylor, Crumbacher, Randy Stonehill, Whiteheart, Petra--oh yeah!)

    And he loves books! We have thousands of volumes lining every wall in our house and he still lets me get more :) Right this minute he's reading Humility by CJ Mahaney (in anticipation of hearing CJ speak next weekend at the Resolved conference?) and Voddie Baucham's Family Driven Faith--Doing What it Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters who Walk With God.

    I'm so thankful for a godly (and handsome!) man to lead our household of 7