Friday, October 4, 2013

Six Days of Simple Styles for the Stay-at-Home Mom

During the "dark days" of trying to survive as new mom of twins, I learned an important lesson. Some days, putting on a pair of jeans instead of staying in my sweatpants was all I needed to avoid of the psychotic break I felt constantly on the verge of.

While I'm not nearly as sleep-deprived and overwhelmed as I was those first few (twelve) weeks of motherhood, I still find that it helps my mood, productivity, and psyche to put a little effort into the way I dress. Now let's be real for a moment - I've got two-year-old twin boys. So when I say, "a little effort," I literally mean as little as possible.

Some moms are totally fine wearing sweats and a t-shirt most days, which doesn't bother me one tiny bit. But personally, I feel better when I feel I look nice - and for me that means getting out of my pjs (even the days when the only people I see are my kids and husband). At the same time, I don't have much time to get myself ready most days. I've found however, that it is possible to add a little style into the everyday of being a stay-at-home mom and it isn't difficult or all that time consuming (I promise).

I put together six tips and examples to give you a little peek at how I strive for a style that makes me feel better about the way I look. (Notice: six days, not seven. Even when I try and make it a priority, looking nice seven-days-a-week just ain't gonna happen. There are some days that you just need to wear a comfy sweatshirt and yoga pants. And frankly, some days you just don't feel like trying.)

This is in no way meant to be a mom-guilt inducing post. I just know that sometimes (a lot of times) as a mom, I feel that my identity is completely lost in the daily act of motherhood. For me, looking nice is a small way to reclaim some of myself. It's not that way for all moms - and to this I say, ::SHURG:: Whatever works for you, works for me. You're rockin' motherhood in your own way - which makes you awesome. Because it's hard any way you slice it (or dress it).

But, if you feel like me and looking nice is something you want to do more often, but you are overwhelmed by the thought - here's a little something to help encourage you.

Six Simple Style Tips for the Stay-at-Home Mom:

1. Wear what you feel great in. I'm not a fashion expert (ha!). My "style" is simple and cheap. I buy most of my clothes on clearance or at the thrift store. Which means they've already been rejected by someone as being outdated or not cool enough. But so much of style is about what YOU feel attractive in. Find an outfit that is flattering on you and makes you feel beautiful. Confidence goes a LONG way, regardless of what the magazines and runways say is "in".

2. Get up a little earlier. I know, I know, this is like the last thing a mom wants to hear. But I promise, even just an extra 15 minutes to shower or slap on some make-up is going to do more for your day than hitting the snooze button one more time. (Moms of newborns - those fifteen minutes of sleep will probably make a difference to you. So grab a shower when someone comes over to help and if you can't do that some days, just throw on a pair of jeans and call it good.)

3. Don't worry about spills. Sometimes the effort to get dressed feels null and void when you're raising itty bitties. But take heart - boogers and drool and peanut butter stains generally wash out from a cute top just as well as they do from a tattered t-shirt.

4. Have your go-to outfits. There are a few of my outfits that I just plain feel great in. I might wear the same outfit once every week because of how easy it is and how confident I feel in it. The point is, I mentally know what the complete outfit looks like. I know that my blue-and-black striped sweater goes great with my black t-shirt, dark jeans, and faux pearl earrings. Because I've already "put together" this outfit before, it makes for a great outfit choice when I'm in a hurry. I don't even have to think about it. Which - as anyone who has experienced "mommy-brain" knows - is a very good thing most days.

5. Keep it simple. Three-to-four main pieces max, plus one-to-three accessories (as simple as earrings, a scarf, or a bracelet). It's not that you can never have an outfit with more than four main pieces, just remember that looking good doesn't have to be complicated.

6. Learn some hair shortcuts. For me, this means quick up-do's, hats, and hair scarves. And... confession time: I usually only wash my hair every three-or-four days. Washing, drying, and styling my hair are things I don't have time for more than twice a week. I have a "hair cycle" that makes this possible. It goes like this: Day 1: wash, dry, and curl hair, Day 2: second-day, "left-over" curls/waves, Day 3: a hat/scarf or a quick up-do, Day 4 (hey, it happens): same idea as day three. Figure out how you can creatively "cut corners" in the hair department and save yourself some precious time!

And now for some visual examples of these tips in action...

Six Days of Simple Styles for the Stay-at-Home Mom:

tutorial to braid wrapped ponytail: here 
this headband (and lots of other gorgeous pieces) can be found at Noelle Grace Designs

get a magazine bead necklace here 
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Confession #1: the next day, I wore my unwashed, forth-day hair in this exact style again.
Confession #2: Today is going to be my "sweatshirt and yoga pants day" because our gorgeous fall 
weather just plummeted to 49 degrees as a high and I just can't handle it.


  1. 1. You look adorable. 2. The pictures and layout of this whole thing is incredible. 3. I'm still going to wear a t-shirt every day of my life, but this is just really fun. Great job!!

    1. Your t-shirts all have a cause and totally fit who you are, so I say - go for it!

  2. Jen, so proud of you for always realizing the importance of looking attractive no matter what activities the day may bring --enjoyed viewing your "thrift store" and "hand-me-down" fashionable attire.

  3. Proud of my frugal, practical yet stylish daughter.

  4. I love that you think 49 degrees is cold....:)

    1. I'm just NOT ready for it. It's been gorgeous in the low 70s and then suddenly -BAM!- forty-nine degrees as a high (much colder with wind chill btw). 20 as I low!! Can't cope.... except by hiding inside.


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