Monday, August 1, 2011

What's in a Name? (part two)

(read part one here)
Soooo... where was I? Oh yes, I was getting ready to tell you the names we've pick for the twins. Thanks for your patience. (Not that I gave you much of a choice.)

Not only do I really love the names we've chosen, I also like the fact that Devin suggested one twin's first name, while I suggested that twin's middle name, and I suggested the other twin's first name, while Devin suggested his middle name (did you follow that?). It was not on purpose that we so evenly shared the naming of the babies, but I'm glad it worked out like it did.

Now, I think you've waited long enough. The names of the Hanson twins will be...

(The little game we played to announce the names to our families)

Weston Scot Hanson and Isaac Knight Hanson!
(I bet you can guess which middle name caused all the drama ;-))

"Weston" was the name Devin had liked for so long and "Scot" is my dad's middle name and what I have always wanted to use as a middle name for my son. (It is also the middle name of both of my brothers, and the first names of my cousin and his son.) This was our "easy" pick for a boy's name.

Isaac's name was my suggestion for a number of reasons: 
1) It means "laughter" which is absolutely what we did when we found out were having twins (the kind of disbelieving, baffled laughter that Abraham and Sarah expressed when they were told they would give birth to a son in their old age). 
2) The story of Isaac in the Bible is one of God's astonishing provision, which is something we've seen so much of in our lives since finding out we were having these babies. 
3) The pastor we primarily served with in Uganda is named Papa Isaac (I wrote about him here and here) and while our son isn't exactly named after him, our time in Uganda (while pregnant with the twins) was very significant to us and Isaac's name is an important reminder of all we learned while preparing for and serving in Uganda.

And then there is "Knight" - the middle name I rolled my eyes at, laughed at, refused to even consider, and made Devin vigorously scribble off the list, but then ended up loving in the end. Not only is it cool (let's face it -it's awesome), it means "noble soldier" which I think is a wonderful title to christen a son with. 

So there you have it! The names and the reasons behind them.


  1. Love them! So original and manly!

  2. I love them! Not matchy matchy, but original, strong names. Good choices!

  3. So glad you shared the names after that suspenseful part one!! I can totally imagine Megan trying to get those out of you early on, haha ;) I agree with the first comment -- very manly and noble names. Great choices you two! :)

  4. What wonderful names and meanings behind them! I am truly blessed to call you a friend! I am so happy for you and your growing family!!

  5. So glad our boys' birth parents named them so we didn't have to wrestle with it! Pretty amazing that drug abusers gave them the strong Bible names of Daniel and Joshua to go with our daughters Bethany, Moriah, and Jordan ("places in the Bible" :) Joshua crosses Jordan all the time at our house!

    Why are you holding the sign in front of your beautiful belly????


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